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Behavioural Support

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At Headway, we believe that young people should be assisted to develop socially acceptable behaviour through encouragement of positive behaviour and constructive responses to inappropriate behaviour.

Behaviour Management Plans will identify any known triggers or indications that a young person will react negatively. It will specify appropriate responses to the behaviour exhibited, e.g. effective de-escalation techniques, the level of intervention required and what post incident support is needed.

The use of Physical Intervention is only ever to be used to protect the child concerned from injury to themselves or injury to others, or serious damage to property. We need to ensure that any intervention provided is tailored to meet the needs of each individual. We are committed to providing open dialogue with young people on all areas of conduct and behaviour, which in turn helps to promote an understanding of responsibility through participation.

All teams working with young people in our homes receive a two-day course with PAMOVA General Services. The course includes theory – Conflict Management, de-escalation, active listening and communication, legal considerations and report writing along with breakaways and physical intervention techniques. This course is arranged twice per year, and is refreshed annually. PAMOVA are accredited by Bild, Highfield, GSA and Select Accredit.

PAMOVA assess the competency of individuals, and any concerns or inability to effectively learn the measures will result in failure of the course and non-issue of a competent certificate. If this were to occur, Headway will consider the suitability of the individual concerned.

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"Staff are effective advocates for young people, and their knowledge and experience is respected by the professional network."

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