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Each young person has the right to make representation by the way of complaints regarding their care and accommodation whilst being looked after by Headway.

A complaint may be related to the environment, staff, other professionals, family or other young people.

This procedure is designed to be used for all complaints whether minor and major complaints, and the same procedure applies to external parties making a complaint about the home.

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  • The Home Manager deals with all complaints made about the home, including complaints/allegations against staff working at the home, unless the Home Manager is involved in the situation either directly or as a witness.
  • If the complaint involves the Home Manager or is directed at the Home Manager, the complaint will be managed and dealt with by the Operations Director who is the Responsible Individual.
  • If the complaint is against the responsible Individual, this will be managed via a senior Polaris Manager. OFSTED will be notified.
  • If there is a complaint against the Quality Manager, then the complaints would be dealt with by the Operations Director. If there is a complaint against the Operations Director this would then be dealt with by the Managing Director – Residential Services.
  • In addition, Headway utilise the services of other senior Polaris Managers to provide an independent view of any formal complaints as deemed appropriate.

At all levels, the young people, or any other person making a complaint, has the right to have the complaint investigated by an independent person if not entirely satisfied with the initial investigation and outcome. 

The home Complaints Policy is available upon request. All Young People have guidance on the Complaints Procedure in the Young Person’s Guide.

For complaints, direct to OFSTED:

Piccadilly Gate 
Store Street 
M1 2WD 
Tel: 0300 123 1231