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For more information about our referral process or to request a referral, please email or fill in the form below.

Following a referral for admission, the Manager will liaise with the relevant Social Worker and collate all required information to enable a decision regarding the suitability of the placement to meet the young person’s needs and the likely effect upon the existing young people living at the home. 

Following an assessment of compatibility, the admission would be planned to include introductory visits in both the current placement and the Headway home.

Support Worker having a discussion with a young person

Decisions regarding proposed placements will not be made without the appropriate Risk Assessments being completed and background information being available. If the referral was for an emergency bed the Home Manager would ensure that sufficient information is available to assess the risks of admitting the new placement to the home.

Young People are not accepted if it is felt that Headway are unable to meet the needs of that Young Person or those of the Placing Authority.

Emergency admissions are only accepted after the completion of a Compatibility Risk Assessment by the Home Manager.

A Planning Meeting will take place within 72 hours of admission to establish the length of placement and to aid the drawing up of a Care Plan.

For more information about our referral process or to request a referral please email or fill in the form below.

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