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All about Headway Adolescent Resources

We are experts in providing child-centred residential care for young people, enabling them to achieve their potential in a safe and stable environment. 

Who we are

Headway Adolescent Resources was formed in 1999, and has since established a positive reputation across the residential adolescent childcare sector. 

We pride ourselves in having the insight and ability to care for young people as individuals in a holistic manner, regardless of their background, culture, religion or ability.

We have six small homes based in the South West of England and Wales, accommodating two to four young people. Our homes offer a nurturing, supportive family environment which promotes growth and positive personal development. It is important to us that each young person feels that their home is not just a residential placement.

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Our Ethos

In order to create a living situation where young people receive the best possible physical and emotional care, we strive to facilitate a loving and comfortable home environment.

In all of our homes, we aspire to:

  • Create an atmosphere and environment which reflects many of the positive areas of a typical family home, providing a loving and nurturing environment.
  • Establish an atmosphere of approval and acceptance of the individual as a unique person with a personality, background and a future of their own.
  • Build an environment where young people will receive high quality physical and emotional care which will be conducive to positive personal development.
  • Foster the building of personal relationships and through these develop a mutual respect, trust and growing awareness of self-worth.
  • Promote an environment where, regardless of differences, young people can learn to value and respect others.

Our aims are achieved by:

  • Providing a living environment in which each young person will feel loved, secure, safe and protected from harm.
  • Encouraging and promoting the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of each young person.
  • Providing opportunities which will enable each young person to develop self esteem.
  • Preparing each young person for leaving care and assisting with their integration into independent living.

Residential Care

Our homes provide a stable and supportive environment, where young people are assisted with their integration into independent living.

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Therapeutic Approach

With therapy underpinning training and Behaviour Support Plans, the home is able to implement a consistent and therapeutic approach to working with Young People. The evidence of this is the progress that each young person has made in the home, leading to positive outcomes for their future.

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One of the fundamental principles underpinning Headway’s Educational Policy is a belief in the value of education and its empowering nature regardless of class, creed or culture. We work closely with Local Authority education departments and case holders, to promote and support the education of young people throughout their stay at Headway.

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“Children’s ambitions are at the forefront of care, and staff help them to achieve their goals. Young people are effectively supported to develop their independence skills at a pace that is individual to them.”

Ofsted January 2023

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Part of the Polaris Community

As one of the largest providers of children’s services and the very first provider of independent fostering in the UK, our community of services span the length and breadth of the whole of the UK.

We provide an extensive range of children’s services, which have grown and developed over our 30+ year history to ensure we can support children across a wide range of needs. By combining our community’s wide scale of services, as well as our local links, we’re transforming the future of children and children’s services.

The Polaris Community has a united commitment to measure and maximise our social value; defining it as ‘The positive emotional, environmental and economic impact we have on the Polaris community and wider society’. This includes opportunities we offer staff and our children and young people, but also how we work with suppliers, create job and training opportunities and our impact on the environment.

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