Enabling young people to reach their potential

Our child-centred individualised care allows us to meet the needs of young people so that they can achieve their full potential.

Each of our Headway homes is a welcoming, safe and secure environment equipped to care for young people with varying needs. We are dedicated to helping individuals to feel comfortable, cared for and supported throughout their time with us. Our homes guide the young people in our care to make healthy choices, make positive contributions to the world around them and get the most out of life.

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Education and Therapy

We work closely with Local Authority education departments and health professionals to promote and support the education and wellbeing of young people throughout their stay with us.

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Young People's Views

The views of our young residents are integral to the quality of our services and the running of our individual homes. Young people's views help to inform our ethos of providing safe, stable homes with genuine, caring and compassionate staff who can create a family environment.

Our young residents are regularly encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions on Headway services through meetings, primary discussions, questionnaires and other avenues of open communication.

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Enjoyment and Positive Relationships

Young people are presented with lots of opportunities to participate and benefit from activities that meet their needs, and develop and reflect their creative, intellectual, physical and social interests, and skills.

We are able to support individuals in the continuity of relationships with the important people in their lives, and understand the need to develop and maintain these in a healthy, positive way.

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Religion, Culture and Anti-Discrimination

In order to help our young people to grow into healthy adults who are confident and proud of whom they are, we foster a culture where children of every race and ethnicity are understood, valued and respected equally.

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Behavioural Support

We work with the young people to help them understand their behaviour and its effect on others and themselves, whilst providing an environment that provides a secure base for young people to develop emotionally and mentally to enable them to form positive attachment relationships in the future.

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We ensure that all young people at Headway understand the procedure and their rights to making a complaint.

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